As you scan through the various websites, vendors, instagram hashtags, for the photographer that will capture the most special day of your life I would hope you’d consider a few things.
I want photography to be more than just another checklist item marked off as your deciding on centerpieces, the perfect venue, and the even the color scheme of the wedding party, though those all serve as important memories. If you’re looking for a cheap option we might not be a good fit as the value that I want to provide you surpasses just another “checkmark” on the list. It’s something that will only increase in value over time because it will be all you have left to remember the day you’ve dreamt about since you were small.
Poses are fine, but what I want to help uncover the beauty of your story, your love, and your life. I promise it will not take long to get through the awkward phase of not feeling comfortable in front of the camera to the moment you feel like I am no longer even there as you enjoy your best friend. Countless times my clients have commented on the joy and freedom they felt loving on their best friend.
If you love to laugh, tell awkward stories, and embrace the moment of what you’re actually celebrating, this thing will be a BREEZE!
You’ll definitely receive all of the details, the family shots, and everything you’ve dreamed of on your Pinterest board, but i’m after the unplanned, the “candid”, the unplanned perfect greenery & white walls that we find. Let’s tell your story, forever.